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Original date card for Huawei MA5612, H831EIUC, 8 ports ethernet broadband service board(outline test),2*1 Sale
Original internet data card for ZTE ZXA10 F820 F821 ONU, EI8E model for F820 switch with 8 Ethernet ports Sale
(8) (20)
-48V DC power module PWDHE used for ZTE DSLAM equipment 9806H Sale
(30) (60)
Power module PRTE for Huawei MA5680T MA5683T OLT DC power -48V 0V Sale
(20) (50)
Huawei GICF uplink  board for Huawei MA5680T or MA5683T OLT. 2 port GICF board with 2 uplink module 1.25Gbps high speed Sale
Alcatel-lucent control board  FANT-F 3FE53701AABA for Alcatel-lucent OLT 7360 Sale
Main control board FANT-F with 4 uplink ports 3FE53701AAB for Bell Alcatel lucent OLT 7360 Sale
(7) (10)
ZTE 4 ports uplink board GUSQ with 2*1.25G modules for OLT C300 Sale
ZTE power board PRWG for C300 OLT. PRWH card for C300 GPON or EPON OLT, -48V DC Sale
(60) (56)
ZTE 4 ports uplink board for C300 OLT. GUFQ for C300 GPON or EPON OLT with one module highest speed of 1.25G Sale
(10) (55)
Original ZTE 4 ports uplink board for C220 EPON OLT. EIG model with 2 modules included Sale
Huawei FWF1E1FE card module MIC-1FE, 1 FE ethernet port RJ45 Sale
Original Huawei ASRB board 32 PSTN voice card  for MA5616 equipment with original package, 32 ports board with  2 cables Sale
Original ZTE ADSL data card ASTEC or E-ASTEC  for ZXDSL 9806H DSLAM access, IP DSLAM's service board, 24 port internet Sale
ZTE ADSL telephone card ATLCI or E-ATLCI or ATLCZ for 9806H IP DSLAM, 48 ports voice board Sale
fiberhome control card HSWA used for AN5516-01 and AN5516-06 and so on OLT network equipment board Sale
(20) (10)
Original Fiberhome voice board for AN5116-02 OLT. AC16 model voice control card Sale
Alcatel-lucent 4-pon GPON  card OGPT-A 3FE53241AA  for  Alcatel-lucent  7342 7360 OLT Sale
Original ZTE control board for C220 OLT. GCSA model with two ethernet ports Sale
(26) (24)
ZTE 4 ports uplink board for C220 EPON OLT. EIGM model with 2 fiber ports and 4 ethernet ports Sale
(15) (55)