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Original 4 ports EPON board for Huawei MA5680T or MA5683T OLT. EPBA board with 4 modules Sale
(20) (86)
ZTE ZXA10 F612 GPON optical network ONU With 2 ethernet ports and 1 voice port apply to  FTTH mode Sale
Zongxin and Shanghai Bell brand 1x32 PLC sigle mode  Splitter, Fiber Optic PLC Splitter with FC/UPC connector Sale
(60) (60)
Huawei HG8311 Gpon terminal modem apply to FTTH mode, 1 Lan port, 1 Tel port, H.248 & SIP double protocol, English firmware Sale
Power module PRTE for Huawei MA5680T MA5683T OLT DC power -48V 0V Sale
(20) (50)
1x2 PLC Splitter,siglemode, SC/APC or SC/UPC or FC,ST,LC connector Sale
(80) (50)
Huawei MA5620-24 fiber switch, GPON or  EPON terminal ONT with 24 ethernet and 24 voice ports apply to FTTB Sale
(20) (40)
Good price for popular  fiber junction witn FC port, singlemodel; with original package from the factory. Sale
(40) (50)
Original popular embedded fast fiber junction, single-mode; with original package from factory and good price Sale
(40) (50)
30 meters optical fiber jumper with FC-LC or LC-FC Connector, 9/125 single model good quality Sale
(50) (20)
Optical fiber pigtail with SC connector, single mode, single core with one connector. Sale
3 meter voice cable for ZTE equipments 24X2=48 pin connector 24 pair line, for 9806H, F822, F820,etc. communication equipments Sale
(20) (50)
5 meters length optical fiber jumper SC/APC-SC/PC Connector single mode with good quality of  different brands Sale
(20) (50)
10 meters length optical fiber jumper FC-SC Connector single mode of Aviation, JPT and Optec  brands. Sale
(40) (50)
35 meters length optical fiber jumper FC-SC or SC-FC Connector single mode, single core of China Aviation brand Sale
(20) (0)
20 meters length optical fiber jumper FC-LC or LC-FC Connector single mode, single core from different brands Sale
(27) (0)
Original Aviation brand 30m long optical fiber jumper FC-SC Connector single model  single core,3mm diameter, SC-FC patch cord Sale
(35) (58)
SCA-SCP-1SMA03-L3 for Optical Fiber Connector Sale
Huawei Echolife HG8240 EPON 4GE optical network terminal with 4 ethernet ports and 2 voice ports apply to FTTO or FTTH modes Sale
Multifunctional transformation Socket Sale