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19"inch mini OLT MA5608T Huawei GPON OLT, with one 16 ports GPFD service board GPON, Optical Line Terminal, 2U height Sale
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ZTE ZXDSL 9836 EPON chassis, can insert 6 service card, SCMF control card, DC power DSLAM equipment Sale
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fiberhome control card HSWA used for AN5516-01 and AN5516-06 and so on OLT network equipment board Sale
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Huawei HG8321R or HG8321 GPON ONU ONT, 2 Lan ports + 1 telephone port, V300R015 mini type, save freight Sale
Fiberhome AN5006-20 chassis IP DSLAM, Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer, DC + AC dual power, PON and GE uplink ports Sale
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ZTE 19" inch ZXA10 C320 EPON or GPON OLT high-integration equipment, wtih 10GE uplink board SMXA/3 with a 8 ports card Sale
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original huawei 10G module,10G-1310nm-10km-SM-XFP, single mode XFP port transceiver, high speed Sale
Original huawei / NeoPhotonics / ZTE / hisense brand SFP module for GPON OLT, class C+ , single SC port Sale
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ZTE EPON-OLT-PX20+ , optical SFP transceiver, SC port,  with DM function Sale
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Huawei EPON-OLT-PX20+ LTE4302M-BC+ HW , 1.25G single mode SC port SFP transceiver compatible with Huwei and ZTE EPON  cards. Sale
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EPON source photonics 1.25G single mode SFP transceiver compatible with Huwei, ZTE and Fiberhome EPON OLT boards Sale
(20) (40)
1.25G EPON OLT PX20+ DDM-HW, single mode SFP transceiver with DDM function compatible with Huawei and ZTE EPON OLT equipments Sale
(50) (30)
HG Genuine MXPD-245LD  1.25G-1550nm-80km-SM single mode uplink SFP transceiver with LC connector,CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT Sale
(60) (60)
Huawei / NeoPhotonics / Source / Hisense / WTD / superxon Original SFP module for GPON OLT,  class B+, single SC port. Sale
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Original Huawei MXPD-243S 1.25G-1310nm-10km-SM-ESFP, single mode single core SFP transceiver, class 1 laser Sale
(60) (35)
Original Huawei 1.25G-1310nm-10km-SM, single mode single core SFP transceiver with two LC connectors Sale
Huawei MXPD-033S, 155M-1310nm-15km-SM-ESFP, single mode SFP transceiver with 2 LC port Sale
Original Huawei HPSP2120 Tx1.25G/Rx2.5G 20KM SM C / Tx1310nm/Rx1490nm for GPON ONU, single model SFP module, single SC port Sale
Huawei GPON ONU HG8546M with 4*LAN ports+1*phone port+wifi, HG8546M with wireless function 801.11BGN Sale
Huawei GPON HG8546M with 1GE+3*FE+1*phone port+wifi Sale
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